Spring is the time to discover Mallorca’s beauty by foot..

Did you know that Mallorca offers a number of walking trails through breathtaking landscapes?


Ranging from stunning views on the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, long coastal walks with a refreshing dip as your reward, to trails that lead to secluded rocky coves.

The beautiful scenery of Mallorca truly enhances your holiday experience as it allows you to be in the moment, clear the mind and let go of tension. Sophie from Walking Meditation Mallorca shares with you her favourite walking trails close to Pollenca. Worthwhile to explore in Spring or late summer and autumn.

Puig de Maria

Short | Sunset | Pollensa Old town


An easy short walk with stunning panoramic views of the Pollensa valley for all levels, great with kids (min age 4 or with a carrier for younger children).

The trail is easy to find from Pollensa Old Town by following the wooden signposts Puig de Maria from the main road (ma-220).  Overlooking the town and popular with visitors and locals you can’t miss it! A single path leads you over 2km, approximate 50 minutes to the top.

The first part follows the narrow mountain road through the shade of the pine trees with ‘short cuts’ popular with children who enjoy scrambling up. The last 10 minutes of the walk takes you up a rustic cobbled path allowing breathtaking views of Puerto Pollensa. Just before you arrive at the monastery there is a narrow less-taken path that forks to the left and leads to a small ruin, follow this path for the best views of the Port and across to Alcudia bay.

Once you are at the top I would suggest taking your time to absorb the calm and quiet. Discover the ruins of the monastery, the gigantic carob trees with their heavy branches and the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range that forms the stunning backdrop of Pollensa Old Town, are you able to spot the Calvari Steps?

The historic sanctuary turned into a hostel, provides bar and restaurants facilities if you want to buy a refreshment, though the area around the monastery is also a great place for a picnic with lots of tables and barbecue facilities (you will need to take your own supplies).

If you are up for some more magic during this hike, go up just before sunset so you can see how the rays of sunlight just peak over the Tramuntana Mountains and leave a special glow to the town, or be awed by the light of the moon and the stars while you walk up!


Cala Boquer

Easy | Remote beach | Port de Pollensa


An easy walk through the valley of the Tramuntana to the rocky beach at Cala de Boquer for all levels, great to do with children.

You can park right at the start of the trail that starts along the main road of Puerto de Pollensa, at the roundabout linking Carrer Ramon Vellenilla Lecuna and the Urbanitzacio de Boquer. It’s a very easy walk of 5km on a rather straightforward path and only has a few very small ascents/descents. Once you have passed through private property and closed the gates you enter this impressive valley with a cool breeze, scents of rosemary and Hiperico Balear, where you most probably meet families of goats along the trails.

After a few kilometres, you see the dazzling turquoise sea looming up. It’s very rewarding to stop and take up the views of the mountains, the green native plants, and the beautiful sea. No facilities for refreshments so take them with you and enjoy a well-deserved break at the beach while you feel the breeze on your skin and hear the waves break.

Can Picafort

Easy & breezy | Coastal walk | Can Picafort

This coastal walk is perfect for the whole family as it offers lots of places to stop for a swim or picnic and turn around whenever you want.

For the motivated, this walk offers a 3.5 hour (one way) coastal walk all the way to Ermita de Betlem, a small chapel founded in 1805. Start from the beach at Son Baulo in Can Picafort and follow the wooden signpost on the right side. You will share the trail with a few other hikers and horses. The trail is mainly on the beach with sand, rocks and dunes and through a few villages.

The best feature of this walk is that you can stop any time and turn back, take a swim, have a picnic or enjoy a coffee on the terrace making it perfect for all ages. 20 minutes on the trail you will pass prehistoric remains dating back to around 500-10BC.

In case you want to have a bit of diversity in landscape on your trail,  go to the right and cross the fence. Here you can follow different well indicated numbered trails that take you through the dunes and pine forest. On windy days this is a great route as the dunes protect you from the strong sea breeze. On this trail, you’ll be overwhelmed again by the scent of fresh rosemary. Did you know that sniffing rosemary is great for memory improvement? So stroll along this path and take up the scents of this island.


La Victoria

Moderate | Sea & Mountain | Alcudia

A moderately circular route with a fantastic swim in the middle.


This unspoiled natural area offers a special blend of remoteness, bays with turquoise waters and breathtaking views of the Bays of Alcudia, Pollensa and the Formentor peninsula.

For the full hike of 12km with descent, 700m ascends and descends, drive to the restaurant Mirador de la Victoria. From the carpark here you will see a road going up behind the restaurant start following this trail. Here you go through a pine tree forest on a well-indicated trail. Soon you will arrive at the highest peak of the Alcudia Peninsula Talaia d’Alcudia.

A small detour of 5 minutes takes you to the actual peak and soak up the breathtaking 360 degrees views. Continue the journey in this vast landscape descending again towards the pine tree forest.

Follow the signpost towards Platja de Col Baix a fairly steep and rocky descent down a narrow path. This is a very remote beach with crystal clear waters and worth the detour for a spectacular break. Spend some time here, have a picnic and close your eyes. The tiny stones and the waves make a fantastic sound that will bring you to utter relaxation. Go back to the main trail to continue the circular route. First, follow the main road. Next, deviate towards a dried up river following wooden signposts with arrows and the direction of Ermita de la Victoria. Once you are back at the car you drive past a restaurant called S’ilot, worth a stop to enjoy the Seaview and a well-deserved refreshment!



Challenging | 360 summit panorama | Lluc

A full day hike through the shaded oak forest to Mallorca’s highest accessible peak.

Its central location in Serra de Tramuntana and it being a standalone mountain makes Puig de Massanella a wonderful lookout. On sunny days you can see all directions of the island with the three peninsulas Formentor, Alcudia and Ferrutx in the north and the large agro plains of the centre and the south. 

There are two trails to get to the peak. The most common one begins opposite to the Repsol Petrol station and Coll de Sa Bataia restaurant, south of Lluc monastery just off the Ma-10. From here you cross the bridge and turn off the road onto a footpath. After roughly one km you can go to the right leading to a lodge. This trail is on private property so an entrance fee of €6,- a person will be charged to hikers who wish to follow this trail. The path winds up through an always shaded and fresh oak forest. Walk a while in silence and listen to the birds and spot some sheep along the trail.

The first stone signpost you encounter with the directions Mancor, Lluc or Puig, follow Puig. Upon the second signpost follow Font-Puig. Along the way, there is a cave with a Font of natural clear water coming from the mountain and providing a place to enjoy the refreshing cold atmosphere on a hot day. From this point, you will need to watch carefully as the rest of the trail is marked with red spots on the ground and piles of rocks.

Slowly you will leave behind the treeline and enter the world of rocks and bushes where you’ll be able to enjoy the views more and more. The excitement will probably start to run through your veins as the views improve, making the challenging climb worthwhile. Once you are at the top, take your time to soak up the views, spot the black vultures soaring calmly in the sky, observe the deep blue ocean of the north and look for what you can identify from the island. Remember to take some marvellous photos of your big achievement.


The second way to go up is by parking your car at the Lluc monastery, €4,50 a day. This is personally my favourite as it allows you a beautiful circular and challenging route with an extra less-visited, peak included, and more spectacular views on the north side. The trail and navigation are a bit more challenging.

Follow from the carpark the signpost of the GR221. Again you walk up a windy cobbled stone trail in a leafy oak forest. The road leads you past ruins, views of the north side of the island, and take a little detour to Puig d’en Galileu.

Once you are back on track follow the Gr221 until you arrive at a trail cross with a wall in the middle. Go to the right, crossing the wall. Here comes the challenging part… follow the main trail for another 10 minutes and then you will see on your left side, a less taken trail going gradually towards the Massanella mountain. Follow this road and it will take you slowly from the lowest end of Massanella to its peak. Make sure you stop enough along the trail as the views make this challenge more bearable. Once you are at the peak you can decide to go back the same way you came or return through the valley on the south of the mountain following the rock piles through the private property.


A brief advice..

For the ones who like to explore the beauty of Mallorca’s nature by foot, there is an abundance of spectacular trails. Here are a few recommendations before you take off on your new endeavour.

  • Make sure you are aware of your physical limitations, listen to your body, and take your time whenever needed. You are on this trail to enjoy it!
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing and take a hat with you to protect your head from the sunshine. The weather can change numerous times in one day here!
  • Always bring enough water as the warm water and challenging trails will make you thirsty.
  • Allow yourself enough time on the chosen route. You are on holiday so allow yourself to relax and explore the abundance of nature. Though make sure you leave on time and check when the sunsets so you will not be walking in the dark.
  • Respect the environment. We are so lucky we can enjoy the unspoiled nature of Mallorca. Therefore we should cherish it. Please do not leave any rubbish – we are all encouraged to pick up some rubbish along the way to help with the preservation. Also admire the flower, rock or plant rather than picking them, they are so much more beautiful on the place where they are than these 5 seconds in your hand.
  • Walk in silence. I can highly recommend walking in silence for a part of any of these tracks. So you do not disturb wildlife and can observe it as it is: the songs of the birds and the sounds of the wind and sea.  


Our guest writer

Sophie takes you on a truly unique and relaxing experience to slow down, explore this beautiful island, and enhance your holiday.

In the walk, you get to know an effortless and active meditation technique that moves you easily from head to body. All tension, unease and problems wash away and you feel calmness and joy. A valuable tool to transform daily walking into a tool for relaxation and well being.

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