In North Mallorca, The Campanet Valley emerges as a hidden treasure.


In North Mallorca, The Campanet Valley emerges as a hidden treasure, tempting travellers to explore its rich history, pristine  landscapes and the promise of wellness that lies beneath its boundaries. This is perhaps how Mallorca must have looked centuries ago.

Passing fallow fields and ancient olive groves, join us on a journey through the valley, starting from the outskirts of the charming town of Pollenca and weaving through miles of vineyards.  Along the way we´ll discover the wellness and fine food opportunities that await in this valley that has charmed even celebrities into its hinterland.

Photo Credit, The Lodge Campanet

The Lodge

Before starting our journey through the verdant valley of Campanet, as we leave Pollença we´re met by The Lodge, a new small exclusive wellness retreat near Pollenca, which promises complete relaxation. It can be found near extensive fields of lavender, a multitude of almond, carob and ancient olive trees and orchards rich with fruit.  Located just a few minutes drive from the best beaches on the island such as Playa de Muro this sanctuary is situated in 157 hectares within a private natural reserve. It´s an exceptional destination nestled within a UNESCO-protected area, characterised by elegance, tranquility and a deep respect for nature giving life to a new concept of luxury refuge.

Leaving this luxurious starting point we continue our journey into Campanet, which has been inhabited since before the Saracen and Roman occupations and its name probably derives from the Latin ´Cappana`or the Arab word ´Kapanat´, both of which refer to a collection of huts. The town is well known for spring water having many natural springs which flow down from the mountains and ancient wells which you can still see today. Campanent is very much a residential town of around 2600 inhabitants and is not on the radar for most tourists

The Culture of Campanet

Not to be missed is the estate of Can Axartell, the home of some of our favourite wines.  This is a winery unlike any other.
Owned by the Schwarzkopf family, it is a place where both the traditional and modern sides of Mallorcan winegrowing blend and coexist. It is home to vineyards, olive plantations, forests, hillsides and waterways that flow together into a harmonious whole. From the start, the estate has worked exclusively with certified organic practices. The modern winery buildings were completed in 2012, all dedicated to the Can Axartell philosophy: respect for the grapes, the environment, the people who produce the wine and those who enjoy it. The first modern Can Axartell vintage was bottled in 2013. Its wines have since earned acclaim on the island and far beyond as well.

Nature´s Wellness Sanctuary and

Cyclist´s Dream

Campanet Valley is a testament to the perfect union of wellness, natural beauty and a paradise for cyclists and hikers. The Tramuntana mountains stand tall, offering challenging ascents and thrilling descents that enthral cycling enthusiasts. The valley´s well maintained roads wind through this oasis, enabling visitors to enjoy the great outdoors whilst pushed to their limits.

Hermitage Church: A Tranquil Haven

Our journey leads us to the Hermitage dedicated to San Miguel, built shortly after the conquest of the island by Jaume 1. It is located next to the old Campanet cemetery and contains valuable altarpieces and objects from the 16th and 17th centuries, such as a beautiful painting from the 16th century (Madonna in the Rosary). Standing in the idyllic landscape, this ancient sanctuary beckons visitors to pause and reconnect with their inner selves. Whether on cycle or foot it offers a peaceful spot to reflect.

Beneath Earth´s Surface

Venturing deeper into the valley we come to The Caves of Campanet (Ses Coves) which were discovered as recently as 1945 by a man digging a well. The caves are mesmerising – the underground chambers a geological wonder, with stalactites and stalagmites forming a surreal landscape beneath the surface.
An excursion into these caves is an unforgettable journey through time and
nature´s grandeur.
The unexpected showstopper though is the restaurant Ses Coves, located at the caves.  It is a superb family establisment, with dishes presented every day depending on the season, the market and their own home grown organic produce.  With fish and meats smoked on wood chopped and collected from their own trees and views stretching across the area towards the coast,  this is an experience not to be missed in these unique and natural surroundings, at the foot of Puig de Sant Miquel.

Ses Fonts Ufanes

After heavy rains in the Tramuntana mountains you have the opportunity to marvel at a dramatic natural phenomenon in the valley.  Thousands of cubic metres of water gush up from the ground in a holm oak forest at Ses Fonts Ufanes set in the protected Gabelli Petit estate. This natural phenomenon arises from nowhere and quickly turns into a torrent and disappears within a few days.  Depending on the amount of precipitation that has fallen recently between 3,000 and 100,000 cubic metres of water per second can spew out of the ground. Barely noticeable, at first, small recesses soon fill with water, which develops in no time into a roaring stream that rushes through the estate. 

A Taste of Tradition and Wellness

Campanet Valley is clearly a joy for gastronomes. The region is celebrated for its figs and locally produced fig jam is nothing short of heavenly. Cyclists can indulge in this natural bounty to refuel after a demanding ride or hikers can
pluck them from the trees. Local markets overflow with a vibrant array of fresh produce, inviting visitors to taste the land fuel their bodies with natural goodness.

Fangar Agroturismo: Your Event Destination

For those seeking unforgetable weddings and events in the heart of the Campanet valley, look no further than the exquisite Fangar Agroturismo. Renowned for its beautiful surroundings and elegance, the hotel is the ideal venue to host occasions that leave an idelible mark. 

In conclusion:

The small valley of Campanet, epitomises the fusion of wellness and the allure of nature. Whether you seek tranquility, history, fine food or the perfect setting for a cycling adventure, this hidden gem promises an enriching journey. So, go forth and delight in fig jam, refuel with fresh produce and conquer challenging routes  immersed in the breathtaking landscape that rejuvenates the spirits.

Photo credits: The Lodge Mallorca, Can Axatell, Ses Coves Campanet, Fangar Agroturismo.

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