Is a reform or building project right for you?

Reforming or building a house is a complex and multi-step process and quite often here in Mallorca it is different to your home market. We work to ensure that you are clear at every step.  From when you first view a potential project with Morgan and Morgan we will assist in vision, costings, timeframes and planning.

 Here is a general overview of what is involved so that you can see whether reforming or building your home in Mallorca is for you.

Determine your needs.

Define the purpose, size, layout, and features you want in your house, considering your lifestyle and preferences.

How often will you be using the house and at what times of year?
Who will be using the house – Will it be just you and / or friends and family?
What storage do you require for bikes, luggage or if you are renting your property for additional income when you are not there – storage for your personal items and guest linen etc…..

Being really clear in this way means that you can have a better idea of how this fits with your design and budget.

Determine your true budget for the project.

What is your true budget? Often when working on a project with a specific budget, this changes as clients come across different items such as taps and other seemingly small additions or amendments that soon add up!

What type of heating do you want? Underfloor heating prices can vary significantly depending on the system installed.

The finish of your project is what determines your budget and may also include the work of an interior designer and or garden landscaping.

A stunning home home can be achieved for around 3000- 3500EUR/M2.
This can be adjusted depending on your budget and scale of your development.

When we work with you on a project, we can show you homes we have already created  for our clients throughout our years of experience so that you can actually see what you can achieve for your budget.

Appoint your design and development team.

We work with select architects and interior designers who we know and trust.

We match up our clients to the right team depending on budget and complexity of the project as well as act as or engage a Project Manager if/where required.

We then meet with you and the team for your property, to create a design that meets your requirements as well as local building regulations that vary across the island.

As we’re based locally and have native English/Spanish/Catalan speaking staff in our office we can work closely with the build and design team keeping you up to date.

Apply for the necessary licences.

Working with an architect who knows the area you are buying in well means that they are well versed in what can or cannot be done for your project. They will advise on the best options and liaise with you to agree a final design to submit the basic project.

For reforms and building works, a major works licence is required. This can be a long waiting game. Currently in Pollenca, this can be 12-18 months before the townhall reviews and grants the licence.

In other areas this can can be under a year but does vary.

If you are wanting to complete a project but do not want to wait a year or two to start works, a project that is already underway that will be delivered turnkey could be a fantastic option.

Contact us for more information on one of the exceptional projects already underway.

Make the most of the wait time.

Using the time whilst you are waiting for your major works licence to be granted is imperative to getting a swift start when the time comes.

This is the time to get into the detail of your project, choose the elements and order anything that may have a long lead time. 

Finalising this detail means that as soon as permission is granted, work can start on your project as everything is in place and ready to go.

During the build.

For most owners, work on your home is taking place whilst you are off the island.  Your Project Manager will keep you updated regularly on progress and ensure that the works are carried out as planned.  This is where using the time above comes proves it´s worth as everything is in place as much as it can be to ensure as smooth a build as possible.  That is not to say that there may be some querie, changes or issues that come up however overall the process will be a lot smoother as you are not constantly making decisions and potentially running into unnecessary delays whilst products are being ordered. 

Depending on the scale of your project, Morgan and Morgan will recommend the best Project Manager for your renovation project. 

Final Install.

Once the major works have been completed and your home is coming together, if you have appointed an interior designer they will be preparing and actioning the install of your interior design. 

If you have not appointed an interior design, remember that lead times do vary especially if the items is being delivered from off the island.  Standard delivery times can also be longer than what you may be used to in your home country.  

Someone will also need to be at the house to take delivery. If your project is in a rural area, you may need to provide a contact locally and / or a more central address. 

Moving in and Paper Work.

Your home is complete and you are ready to enjoy the SLOW Mallorca lifestyle.

The paperwork necessary for you to use your home will be handled by your Project Manager and solicitor.  This can be a process that takes a few months and a lot of paperwork is required to gain the final sign off for your property and will include an inspection to ensure all elements of building regulations and local rules have been adhered to. 

 In conclusion, creating your own home is an exciting prospect as long as you have the appropriate team and support in place. 

Morgan and Morgan have decades of experience developing houses across the island.  We can therefore give you the full details on the benefits and challenges with real life examples of current and previous projects.

Maintaining the charm of incredible buildings, maximising features and sustainably sourcing local products, contact us if you would like to book in a call to discuss finding or selling your project.

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