There are many things Mallorca is famous for. When you sit in the office dreaming of your upcoming holiday to the island you envision crystalline waters that glisten in the summer sun, golden sand beaches and historic towns dotted along dramatic coastlines.

What many people don’t realize however is that Mallorca’s lands are an abundant natural paradise – a haven for local, organic producers, whose deep rooted and enduring connection to the islands natural environment has enabled them to harness its bounty in a sustainable way.

At Morgan and Morgan we have always celebrated Mallorca’s rich agricultural history. Local is a part of our DNA, and we seek to share our passion for artisanal products with our guests at every occasion. Therefore, we provide all our arrivals with a hamper of hand-picked, authentic Mallorquin products, from Can Axartell wines to Solivellas olive oil.

Read on for an overview of our favourite products that are included in the hamper.

Can Axartell Wines

Front and centre of the new wave of award-winning vineyards on the island is Can Axartell, a state-of-the-art winery in the Campanet valley, close to the historic town of Pollensa. At one with the lush, natural landscape in which it sits – surrounded by forests, olive groves, mountains and trickling streams – Can Axartell marries tradition with progress, international expertise with local knowledge and respect for the grape to produce some of the highest quality organic wines on Mallorca. Instead of pumps, the winery relies on gravity for production, ensuring the flavour of each grape is elevated to new, and delicious, heights.

Images: Can Axartell


Mortitx Wines

“The Vinyas Mortitx winery was purpose built and completed in 2005, equipped with modern technology to make wine in the best possible conditions to produce top quality products. The vineyard is the soul of our wines. The exclusive location in the unique landscape of the “Serra de Tramuntana”, 400 meters above sea level, gives our wines the unique expression of the terrain in which they grow. Mortitx today has 19 hectares of vines, with grapes of which about 100,000 bottles of wine of different species, such as white wine, rosé or red wines are produced annually.”

Images and Copy: Mortitx

Can Vidalet Gins

Owned by a German businessman from Hamburg, Can Vidalet was established in 1996 with the planting of the first vineyard and the aim to revive the historical heritage of wine growing on the island of Mallorca. In our own still we produce spirits, which are the result of a selection of pomace from different grapes (white and red) and gin made from the finest botanicals and citrus fruits of the Sierra de Tramontana.”

Images and Copy: Can Vidalet


Solivellas Olives and Olive Oil

“From a privileged location very close to the Mediterranean Sea and to the Sierra de Tramontana, the Solivellas Family grows and produces its extra virgin olive oils on the Es Guinyent Estate. The gentle sea breeze flows through the olive trees and cools their fruits in the hot summer nights. The rains and the wind from the Sierra de Tramontana, combined with the luminosity of the sunny climate of Mallorca, balance the intensity and flavour of the oil.”

Images and Copy: Solivellas

Olive oil

Rosa Blanca Beer

“Starting in 1927 and for decades, Rosa Blanca refreshed Mallorca by brewing different varieties of beer such as Pilsen, Munich or Bock Balear. However, with the arrival of the tourist boom of the 1960s, its small size prevented it from competing with the large breweries that settled on the island. Today we resume its long tradition with this Hoppy Lager. Currently, Rosa Blanca is manufactured in Barcelona with the hope of returning its production to the island in the future.”

Images and Copy: Rosa Blanca

Font Major Water 

“With its altitude of more than 1,400 meters, the Puig Major is the highest mountain in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. This Mallorcan symbol is part of the Serra de Tramuntana, a natural place since 2007 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. This peak is named after Font Major, a natural mineral water that rises in the heart of this enclave. Rainwater slowly seeps between the rocks of the Torrent de Pareis and descends to the source, located in the municipality of Escorca, in the middle of the Serra de Tramuntana.”

Images and Copy: Font Major


Marinas Mallorca crisps

“The variety of potato originates from the Iberian Peninsula. We choose the best seeds for each soil and control the cultivation of potatoes from planting to harvesting so that our product is perfect. We ensure all this thanks to working directly with local farmers, guaranteeing the profitability and sustainability of Spanish crops, while also ensuring that the potato from our Marinas is 100% monovarietal as well as guaranteeing homogeneous quality throughout the year.”

Images and Copy: Marinas Mallorca Crisps


Caffe Rico Coffee

“Founded in 1959 by Mr. Antonio Fontanet Obrador. Throughout the intervening years the company has kept pace with change by keeping its production technology constantly up to date, but it has never lost sight of the original methods and systems that make our product unique, supplementing them with new formulas and products demanded by consumers.”

Image and Copy: Caffe Rico

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