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Morgan and Morgan are well-versed in creating exceptional homes for the most discerning clients. We marry the best of Mallorcan skills and craft with international design and architecture to deliver homes with wow-factor.

Our experience in project development spans decades, giving us a unique insight into the workings of home building & refurbishment here in Spain. We only work on a handful of projects every year, to ensure each client receives the highest level of dedication and service – an essential pillar of our values.

“Each project we have worked on exudes the signature Morgan Morgan quality and style, a promise which we take great pride in – and something which our clients commend us for time and time again. ‘Exceptional’ is woven into the very fabric of our brand, and it’s a mantra we live by every day.”

Leigh Morgan

Co-founder, Morgan Morgan

Our approach to Project Management


Project Management is a fascinating, yet complex part of any property development journey – especially here on Mallorca, where planning regulations require a breadth and depth of local knowledge. At Morgan Morgan, our Deisgn and Development team act as the anchoring point for all stakeholders involved in the building or refurbishment process. Our success at multidisciplinary coordination has earned us a reputation as a switched on, knowledgeable and reliable project manager has thus drawn some of the islands best architects, designers, engineers and contractors to our brand.

Our process follows a tried and tested formula that we apply to each of our developments.

Phase 1 – Conceptual Design Phase

We begin with the ‘conceptual design phase’. Here, we sit down with the owners to get a clear brief on how they intend to use their home, followed by the creation of a mood board to provide design inspiration and understand what sort of design direction we will charter.

Phase 2 – Pre-Construction Phase

During the ‘pre-construction phase’, we introduce relevant stakeholders to our clients, including architects, contractors/ or subcontractors, interior designers, etc. At this point, the architect shares their project documents with the contractors, and comparative offers are received. To be certain we work with the right people, we interview potential contractors and ensure their offering and conditions are aligned with our standards and expectations. Next, we incorporate owner recommendations and select a contractor. Finally, we negotiate and finalise the construction contract on a fixed price basis with the contractor on behalf of the owner.

Phase 3 – Construction Management Phase

The last stage of the Project Management process is arguably the most hands-on one. Here, we:


  • Assist in the attainment of any municipal licenses required for the work projected
  • Conduct in-depth controls to ensure all correct procedures are in place
  • Provide regular updates through reports, including photo material of building work
  • Act as a pillar of communication/ translation between the owners and the contractor
  • Review the progress of the works to ensure time scales and budget are progressing as planned
  • Notify the owners of any potential delay or non-conformance with drawings and specifications in a timely manner
  • Escalate critical decisions and design input requirements as necessary
  • Review and reconcile monthly payment applications from the main contractor to physical work completed and recommend payments or deductions to be made by the owner
  • Compile snagging list and ensure they are completed in a timely manner
  • Assist with the delivery of the Cedula De Habitabilidad

To find out more about the various projects we are currently working on, visit our website

Design & Project Management

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