What mortgaging conditions can you expect to obtain as a foreigner?

In the final of our 3 part series, we asked Lionsgate Capital about financing conditions for your real estate investment in Spain as these can differ compared to your home country. 

The best financing for your situation.


Each client and mortgage application is unique as all applicants have different circumstances and priorities.

Banks will consider several criteria such as your age, nationality, tax residence, the structure of your income and other factors to see which are the best options available for you.

From personal mortgages for own investment and use, to property development mortgages, it is very important that each buyer surrounds themselves with the right professionals throughout the process to ensure they obtain the best possible conditions according to their profile.

Regarding the type of mortgages, every buyer should bear in mind that whereas in other countries you can usually change the interest rate every few years, when you mortgage in Spain the interest rate you choose at the beginning remains throughout the term of the mortgage, therefore it is essential to make the right decision from the beginning as you probably will not make any changes to the interest rate once the mortgage is in place.

For foreigner citizens, Spanish banks will usually finance a loan to value of 60% and 70%, and the interest rate can be either fixed or variable.

When purchasing a property in Spain, buyers should be aware of the fees and taxes that are applicable. In general terms, we recommend clients to set aside between 10% and 14% of the purchase price for the transaction costs. These costs include taxes, stamp duty, notary, registration and administration costs.

You can read more abut the costs involved in our Comprehensive Buyers Guide


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